Mr. James Onderlinde

Education Background and

Teaching Experience:

In 1996, I graduated from Kalamazoo Christian High School. I then moved on to Calvin College and entered the education program. I graduated in 2000 with degrees in elementary education, mathematics, science. After graduation, I began my teaching career as the middle school math teacher at West Side Christian in Grand Rapids where I taught and learned for 14 years. In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to move my family to Grand Haven and begin a new chapter of life serving as the principal of Grand Haven Christian School.

Personal Biography:

I was born in Bozeman, Montana but grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan from the age of 3. My entire K-12 education experience was in the Kalamazoo Christian School system. I am married to my wife, Wendy, who is tremendously supportive in my new role as principal. We have three sons, Ben, John, and Luke who are students at Grand Haven Christian. When I have free time, it is typically spent with family, reading, or fixing something.


Through the life-long process of Christian education, we attempt to recover God's image for man that was lost with Adam. The task is supremely important as we recognize the responsibility of educating citizens for God's Kingdom. Besides reconciling souls, we are training young people for the task of witnessing to a world lost in sin and despair. This difficult task is accomplished by no one person or institution, but is the function of an entire Christian community empowered by our great God.

Fundamental to the Christian life is a need to minister to society, and Christians must have a basic understanding of the world in order to do so. In adult life, our students will be called to serve in all spheres of God’s kingdom. Christians are expected to witness in all occupational fields not only with knowledge, but with Christian love, justice, and concern. Through the training of our children in the home, church, and school we will together unravel God's redemptive plan of salvation for our covenant youth.