Mr. Wailand Groenendyk

Education Background:

I earned a BA degree in Education with a History major and teaching certificate from Calvin College.

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Michigan State.

Teaching Experience:

I taught Adult Basic Education for an experimental program called Personal Development Services.

I taught ESL for Grandville Public Schools.

Since being hired at GHCS in 1980, I have taught 5th Grade, 6th-9th Grade Bible, 7th Grade American History and I am currently teaching 7th-8th Grade Bible and 8th Grade History and Eastern Hemisphere.

Personal Biography:

I married my wife Jean (Mr. Brondyke’s sister) in 1981. We have four sons, three daughters-in-law, two beautiful granddaughters and two handsome grandsons. Tad is attending Mid America Seminary in Illinois, Casey owns his own wood products company, Will works as a project manager for a web design company in Grand Rapids, and Tully is attending Calvin College.  I enjoy wood working, particularly using the lathe. I also enjoy doing magic tricks.

Integration of Faith in the Classroom:

As the Middle School Bible teacher, it is easy to teach God’s plan of salvation. The CSI curriculum is designed such that 6th Grade studies Creation through the Divided Kingdom; 7th Grade picks up God’s story there and leads the students through a study of the Kings and Prophets. Eighth graders explore the entire New Testament. I teach a key phrase for each book of the Bible (Walk through the Bible materials). I don’t believe it is enough to teach just for knowledge, but students need to experience the love and grace of God in their hearts. The application of Biblical principles is essential.

Teaching Social Studies History also provides opportunities to integrate faith and learning. Our founding fathers based many of the principles of democracy on their faith in God and His standards for society. 

The providence of God is clearly shown as the right people are in the right places to bring about one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. From our founding to the development of our constitution and the role of God-fearing people who have contributed to the enhancement and advancement of America, it is easy to see the hand of God throughout our history. As the Eastern Hemisphere is explored, we see another part of God’s Kingdom and are able to better understand their needs and their contributions to the world we live in.

Fun Fact:

I ate dinner with President Gerald R. Ford. I was president of the Grand Rapids FLA (Future Leaders of America) at the time.