Ms. Sarah Miller

Education Background:

: I attended Indiana University for my first two years of college. I received my degree in Elementary Education from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a Language Arts concentration. After several years of teaching, I then attended WMU-Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I received my Juris Doctor.

Teaching Experience:

Teaching at Grand Haven Christian School is my first private school teaching experience! Before GHCS, I taught in a variety of settings in the Grand Haven Public Schools. Actually, the truth is that I have taught at every Grand Haven Elementary School except the very elementary school I attended, which was Mary A. White. Between Spanish at Peach Plains, a 2/3 split at Rosy Mound, and 4th grade at Lake Hills, I spent many years learning about the families and educators in the Grand Haven Area.

Personal Biography:

Grand Haven is my hometown. My parents raised me to be independent, disciplined, and God-fearing. My parents were married and I was baptized at First Presbyterian Church. In my early teens, we attended Holy Trinity in Muskegon, Michigan--a Pentecostal church. Eventually, we landed at Covenant Life Church. With a three-person family, many holidays were spent at homeless shelters and similar organizations or travelling. Now, I spend lots of time outdoors gardening, running, and hiking with my parents' three dogs. Faith Integration: Everything starts and ends with Jesus. Being able to talk about the world, people, concepts, sin, and more in the context of Jesus provides a sense of security, peace, and awe. We can wonder at God's purpose and plans, but also trust in His plans. We can ask for guidance and forgiveness. We can have a relationship with one another and more importantly with our Creator. To share this faith with little people each day and in each moment is a blessing.

Fun Fact:

I am left handed and write upside down.