Señora Hanna Cacciatore

Education Background:

I have a BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from Calvin College.

Teaching Experience:

I taught 1st grade for 7 years at International School of Tegucigalpa and was a permanent sub for one year teaching grades 1st - 5th. I also helped in the after school program for a year. This is my first year here at GHCS, I am the Kindergarten Spanish Immersion teacher

Personal Biography:

I grew up in Caledonia, Michigan. I grew up going to Christian schools from kindergarten to college. After college I moved to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and started my teaching career. This is where I met my husband and where our two children were born: Natalie and Daniel. I enjoy spending time with my family and going out for coffee.

Integration of Faith in the Classroom:

I have always loved teaching in a Christian school so that I can openly express my faith whenever the opportunity arises. I love teaching younger students and seeing their childlike faith, you can learn so much from watching and listening to a child act out their faith. I love exploring their faith with them and watching them grow.

Fun Fact:

Natalie and Daniel are bilingual and have always come to school with us. During my college career, I spent all my study time at the local Starbucks and knew all the staff members. The summer before I moved to Tegucigalpa I got free drinks every time I went!