Middle School Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of the stellar participants of the GHCS Spelling Bee, which took place on Tuesday, January 23, 2017.  A winner and runner-up from each 4th-8th grade class was invited to participate, which made for an exciting and challenging competition.  Words like "truculently" and "incessant" halted our star spellers, but two contestants prevailed!  We will be cheering for Michaela Faith, our Spelling Bee Champion, and Ava Rotman, our Runner-up, as they go on to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee on February 27!   


Pronouncer: Cindy Brace

Judges: Bob Koning, Emily Bierma, and Tim Annema 

Record Keeper: Wailand Groenendyk 


Spelling Bee Participants: 

Ava Rotman* Runner-up

Lina Miedema 

Tessa Bakker

Elyse Powell

Michaela Faith* Winner

Austin Meiste

Addy Smith

Kirsten Van Orman

Reuben Anderson

Alia Zuidema