Winterim 2018

Hunter Safety, Winter Sports, Law “School”, Police Academy Training, Computer Programming, Service Learning, Lifetime Sports & Fitness and Construction Trades are just a few of the classes that Grand Haven Christian Middle School students are participating in throughout the week of January 16. This program is called Winterim and is patterned after similar student experiences at other Christian schools. It is unique to GHC because it is the only program in the area offered to middle school students, rather than just high school students.






 Back in October, students had the opportunity to select the courses they wished to take for Winterim. It was a difficult decision for many students! In place of the daily schedule of core and specialist classes, students are taking two half day courses for the week. These courses take place at a variety of locations both on-campus as well as within the community. Each of the classes offered is an extension of the classroom and includes engaging and hands-on experiences that fulfills the school’s mission of educating minds and shaping hearts for service to God in His world.


Our GHC middle school is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore and use their God-given talents and abilities in order to be God’s change agents in His world. The various classes offered in our Winterim program will enrich our student’s lives and help them as they grow in their learning, faith, vocation, and cultural awareness. It will also provide students with memories for years to come!