The Preschoolers journey to the Stable

Have you ever wondered why God would give us a BABY?

Ask any of our 4 year old Young Explorers! They don’t want to go back to having diapers and not having words! But they will tell you, God sent Himself as a baby because everyone LOVES babies! If He came to earth showing us all His mighty power, we might want to run and hide. We would never understand how much He loves us!

In preschool we begin our morning enjoying the light of a single candle and listening to Christmas music until everyone arrives. We are getting our hearts ready for Christmas by taking a “carpet journey” from creation to our Savior’s birth. When Adam and Eve had to leave the garden after disobeying God, they were sad and God was sad, but He made a plan to bring His light back, to draw us back to Himself.


Isaiah gives us the first puzzle piece: “People who are walking in the darkness will see a great light.  For a child will be born and he will rule the world, bringing peace, fairness, and goodness….He will be called “God with us.”

We get to hear the story of God’s surprise to Zechariah and Elizabeth and how their son John would help get the world ready for the Savior King! We get to hear how Gabriel came to Mary and told her God had been looking for a heart as kind and good as hers to be the mother for Jesus. We learn how the angel helps Joseph understand that he gets to adopt Jesus and be His daddy on earth. Those angels were busy messengers! They come again to the Shepherd families and fill up the night sky! We read again and again how their first words always need to be, “Do not be afraid!”  

I am so very thankful to be able to share this story of good news, with great joy,

to our preschoolers at GHC.  All other Christmas celebrations fall short!  If our toys break, or we grow too big for our new favorite pjs, if we run out of batteries, or the dog eats our Duplos, we always have the best Gift of Christmas, Jesus, God with us, living in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Jesus!  Help us to love you better each day!